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Holistic Treatment

Tired of band-aid solutions? Find the cause of your ongoing pain or injury with our hands-on, integrated treatment approach.

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Personal Approach

Your expert physiotherapist will be with you for your entire appointment. Learn how to manage your own body, while building movement, agility and flexibility.

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Flexible Payment

We offer a range of payment options: WorkCover and CTP claims, GP management plans and MVA (motor vehicle accident) claims

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Shockwave Therapy

Extracorpeal Shockwave therapy is a modern and highly effective treatment method that provides high-energy sound waves into painful areas of the body. In the medical world, shock waves have been used since the 1980s to disintegrate kidney stones. Modern therapy has seen these shock waves being introduced to the body by means of a freely moving hand piece that covers the entire pain region to allow pathological alterations of tendons, ligaments, capsules, muscles and bones.

The radial therapy head, is a compressed air operated, ballistic shock wave generator. A projectile is accelerated by compressed air. The kinetic energy stored in the motion and weight of the projectile is converted into acoustic energy in the form of long-wave shock pulses when the projectile strikes a transmitter. These acoustic pulses are then further transmitted to the target tissue by means of a protective cap and gel.

With its Swiss pioneering technology, we are setting new non-surgical standards in orthopaedic / musculoskeletal and aesthetic therapy. This eliminates the source of pain and mobility restoration, to speed up recovery and cure various indications causing acute or chronic pain. Our innovative treatment plans allow pathological alterations of tendons, ligaments, capsules, muscles and bones - in other words the root causes of your pain - to be eliminated systematically.

Mechanism of Action

Shockwave is an acoustic wave which carries high energy to painful spots and musculoskeletal tissues with subacute, sub-chronic and chronic conditions. The energy promotes regeneration and reparative processes of the bones, tendons and other soft tissues. Extracorpeal Shockwave Therapy can be used and has been shown effective in Tendon, Bone, Muscle and Tissue conditions.

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If you suffer from any of the following, this indicates that you may benefit from Extracorpeal Shockwave Therapy.


Knee & Shin Pain

Patellar tendonitis (jumpers knee), Tibial stress syndrome (shin splints)


Shoulder / Neck Pain

Shoulder pain, Calcific tendonitis / supraspinatus tendon, UFT trigger points


Lower Limb Pain

Greater trochanteric pain syndrome, hip bursitis, proximal hamstring tendinopathies



Spasticity, Carpel tunnel syndrome, polyneuropathy



Non-union fractures


Back Pain

Facet joint pain


Elbow Pain

Lateral epicondylitis, forearm muscles trigger points


Achilles Tendon & Heel

Plantar fasciitis / heel pain / heel spur, achillodynia (chronic pain syndrome of achilles), achilles tendinopathy

Physiotherapist - Jindalee and Darra


Treatment with shockwave are not permitted in the following cases: Coagulation disorders (haemophilia), use of anticoagulants, thrombosis, tumors diseases, carcinoma patients, pregnancy, children in growth (growth plates), cortisone therapy up to 6 weeks before first ESWT treatment.

Side effects generally abate after 2-5 days. Treatment with ESWT may cause the following side effects: swelling, reddening, haematomas, petechiae, pain, skin lesions after previous cortisone therapy.

Treatment recommendations are dependant on the condition being treated and may need a minimum of 3 sessions up to 8. Some conditions require treatments twice a week for optimal results, your physiotherapist will go through the treatment plan during the initial session. Results are usually felt within the first 2 sessions and patients usually report a 90% improvement in their tendon pain after a course of shockwave. Your physiotherapist will go through a thorough assessment on the initial consultation to determine if you are suitable and how many sessions will be required.

Physiotherapist - Jindalee and Darra

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